Celebrating 30 Years with the Debut of Our New Living Kitchen Display

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost a month since our 30th Anniversary celebration here at the showroom! We had such a great time visiting with so many of our dear friends and past clients, as well as meeting many new faces. We feel honored to be part of such a great local community! Not only was it a great party, it was also the debut of our new living kitchen display, which got its first test run during the event. The new display features cabinetry by Plato Woodwork, appliances by Sub Zero/Wolf and natural stone and wood countertops from Creative Counters, LLC. 


Sue-Ann's fresh baked cookies were a hit as were Shawn's bruschetta, crab cakes and corn chowder. We were also pleased to have Chef Mary from Edible Pioneer Valley join us to demo a few recipes from the fall edition of the magazine. 


Here's Shawn plating up his heirloom tomato and mozzarella bruschetta. Everyone loved the bruschetta, but the crab cakes were definitely the hit of the party! 


After seeing how much everyone enjoyed watching these live demos, we hope to host other chefs here in the future and share some of their recipes with all of you. Subscribe to our mailing list to stay informed of any upcoming future events and be sure to visit our blog again to find additional recipes.

Below is Chef Shawn's crab cake recipe- everyone was asking for it ;) We hope you enjoy cooking these delicious crab cakes. Happy tasting!


Cabinet Trends: Green & Navy

The grey and white color scheme is far from disappearing from interiors, or cabinets in general, but our sources predict more use of color in the kitchen in the near future. We are already getting requests for green and navy cabinets, and we have to admit...we love it!

Here are few examples to inspire your next project!

 Image Via  DeVol Kitchens

Image Via DeVol Kitchens

 Image Via  Pinterest

Image Via Pinterest

 Image Via  Kristen Marie, Inc.  

And why not take it a step further and use both colors in the same space the way Crystal did for her clients in this vintage eclectic remodel? 

We are on board with this trend and can't wait for our next adventurous customer to embrace these beautiful colors as well. What do you think? Contact us to schedule your next appointment with one of our designers! 

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What’s Your Budget? (and why does it matter for your quote?)

Renovating your home is an exciting process that comes with many great benefits. Whether it be improving the spatial layout of your home, updating cabinet styles and colors, or improving energy efficiency, the end goal for most homeowners is to update their home into a more functional and livable space that best fits their needs.

That being said, many homeowners are reluctant to share their actual bottom line budget with their designers and contractors. We know that the budget conversation can sometimes be an awkward one, but here’s why we think it’s a very important conversation to have. When a designer or contractor asks what you have in mind for a budget, it’s their way of figuring out what products to specify and how to better guide you through the process. This question makes many people uncomfortable, but not defining your budget can be a detriment to your project in the end.

A clearly defined budget helps your designer determine the priorities for your project and make realistic choices that are not going to blindside you when you see that number on paper. In some cases, budget constraints can actually make a project better as it helps us to focus on what’s really important to you. Often, if your budget doesn’t match your vision, your designer can bridge the gap by making suggestions that might not have occurred to you. Defining your budget helps us work with you to get the most value for your hard-earned dollars. Establishing your budget early in the process is extremely helpful to your design team, as it will provide them with the guidelines necessary to design a beautiful and functional space that fits your lifestyle.

Check out these photo below that showcase painted kitchens from our stock and custom cabinet lines, proving that similar looks can be achieved at a variety of price points!

 Location: Orange, MA

Location: Orange, MA

 Location: Leyden, MA

Location: Leyden, MA

 Location: Colrain, MA

Location: Colrain, MA

 Location: Greenfield, MA

Location: Greenfield, MA