2016 DESIGN TRENDS (a forecast by the NKBA)

The NKBA (National Kitchen & Bath Association) recently released a list of the top 10 kitchen design trends they expect to be big in 2016. Although we may have seen these materials or ideas already, it just means we will see more of them. So we decided to dig through our portfolio and present a picture that reflects each of these trends. So here we go!

1. Transitional style, with contemporary emerging.

Here's our take on this trend. Transitional design is a blend of traditional and contemporary elements used in the same space, so the phrase "transitional with contemporary emerging"  seems a little redundant. Perhaps it means heavier on the contemporary elements. Anyway, below is a kitchen designed by Erica that we believe fits this trend to a T! Traditional white painted cabinetry is flanked with contemporary horizontal grain Bamboo slab doors, and a traditional bridge-style faucet and farm sink are blended with sleek modern bar pulls on the appliances and cabinetry.  Since the bamboo tends to jump out at you first, this kitchen feels like it tips more towards the contemporary than traditional. What do you think of this trend?

Designed by Erica, this kitchen features cabinetry from Plato Woodwork, mixing transitional full overlay white cabinets with contemporary bamboo accents on the tall cabinetry and island. A classic bridge faucet and farm sink lend a nod to the traditional, whereas the sleek pulls, stainless steel appliances and horixontal wood grain lean towrds the contemporary.  

2. Gray/white/off-white cabinets.

We can agree that gray and white cabinetry has continued to become a bigger trend over the last few years. Cabinet companies are continuing to introduce new shades to accommodate many different style preferences. Mixing gray and white creates interest in the space and allows you to have fun with color without committing to the whole kitchen being one color or another. This kitchen designed by Erica consists of the perfect pale gray-blue island to create that beach-y retreat the customer was looking for. 

3. Concealed storage such as pull-outs, tilt-outs and tilt-ins. 

A trend, yes. A new trend, not for us! Concealed and easy to access storage has always been a big factor in our kitchens (and bathrooms). A very common request we often hear from our customers is that they just want to be able to access what they need when they need it, and seamlessly. Why get down on your hand and knees with a flash-light in hand to search for that casserole dish when you could just open a door and pull-out a tray? Take this spice/oil/vinegar pullout that Solana incorporated into one of her client's kitchens. Located in the island, and opposite the stove, this customer has easy access to all her cooking oils!

4. Wood flooring

Wood flooring, whether the real-deal, engineered or even faux tile made to look like wood, is very popular, especially here in New England where customers may want to preserve their original flooring, or mimic the look of an old farmhouse. It also brings a little warmth to the space, especially if paired with white painted cabinetry. We love this gorgeous floor that Solana's customers chose for their kitchen remodel. 

5. Quartz and granite countertops

Agreed. These tops are low maintenance, easy to clean and will not stain. These are some of the most requested countertop materials by our customers. There are endless colors and patterns to choose from so you can't go wrong with engineered stone!

6. Outdoor kitchens

This is a trend that we are all VERY interested in right now. Outdoor kitchens have been around for a while, but we can't say it's very common in our area. However, we have had a few requests and we might have a little something in the works. Stay tuned. 

7. Built-in coffee stations and wet bars.

As kitchens become more of a gathering space, specific areas are needed for entertaining (or every day use). Erica designed this wet bar for her clients over 10 years ago. It's out of the way of the work space and guests can help themselves to appetizers or a beverage without getting in the way of the host. Built-in coffee stations are a great way to get rid of those smaller countertop appliances and free up usable counter surface. If you have the opportunity to incorporate one of these trends into your home, take it! it's a nice little feature you and your guests will enjoy. 

Peter B - Balk - Eckbo 095.jpg

8. Pocket doors

Pocket doors are not only great for solving entryway clearance issues, but they can also be used in cabinetry design to conseal items or areas of the space that you do not want to see all the time, and this pocket door does just that. 

9. Special pet spaces

We have had a LOT of requests for integrated dog food bowls and food storage for our customer's furry family members. For those of you with pets, you know that many times they want to be exactly where you are. So as you prepare a meal or are sitting down for dinner, you can rest assured that your dog or cat is close by. This little guy below has his own Corian shower for when he comes in from a muddy walk!

10. Docking and charging stations

Boy do we need this! Cell phones, iPads, laptops...all of those things we can't live without these days, or let alone leave them in the other room! Many customers are requesting an area of the kitchen where they can charge these electronics and luckily the options are getting much easier. Aside from the standard outlet, there are now outlets with USB ports and certain countertops can be designed with charging stations built right into them. No cords, no mess, just place your phone down on the countertop and watch your battery life grow. 

Have questions about one of these trends? Let us know, or stop by the showroom to see how we can incorporate your wishes into your new kitchen or bathroom.